Trekking Mount Arjuno

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Mount Arjuna and Welirang mountain is located in East Java consists of 4 peaks over 3,000m. From the active Welirang in the west to the long dormant Arjuna in the East. Mount Arjuno Welirang Trekking is Climbing about two mountain side by side. This mountain is set in the ancient Mojopahit and is dotted with temples, gravds and other historical sites which are still visited by local folk today.

The mountain is located about 51 km south East of Surabaya to Tretes. or 92 km to Batu - Malang City .Tretes is a mountain resort town with lots of hotels and guesthouses. A good place to spend a few days chilling out.
Details of the Trekking Arjuno Tour  are as follows :

Day 1: Surabaya  - Tretes Town (L)
- Arrival at Juanda International Airport Surabaya,
- Directly Driving to Tretes, stay overnight for take a rest
- Free program
Day 2: Tretes – Kokopan camp (B,L,D)
- After enjoying breakfast , to Start for trekking to Kokopan camp Pondok Penambang (base camp of -sulfur mining people), the trekking will be take about 5-7 hours.
-  Stay Overnight  here.
Day 3: Welirang Summit - Arjuno Summit (B,L,D)
- Early morning to start the  trekking to Welirang summit about  2-3 hours,
- Explore the summit and, then going down back to Camp site,
- After enjoyoing lunch we would trekking 3 hours to Arjuno Summit (3339m) overnight in the peak of arjuno mountain .
Day 4: Arjuno - Lawang Town.(B,L)
- After enjoying breakfast, we will going down using different route direct to Lawang,
- This rotte we will across lali jiwo forest then across tea field will be take 8 hours – 9 hours, we will arrival in Lawang afternoon .
- From Lawang village u can go to next detination, to Surabaya, overnight in Malang or Transfer to Juanda Airport (Malang, Surabaya)

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